A Complete Guide to Choosing The Perfect Coat That Complements Your Taste This Season

A Complete Guide to Choosing The Perfect Coat That Complements Your Taste This Season

As the temperature of the Northern hemisphere cools down, women have got to start thinking about winter coats.

The kind of coat you choose to wear during cold periods says something about your style, that’s why it has to be one of your priorities when considering going for shopping this season. A great coat can truly increase your style quotient.

On days you don’t just want to bother with dressing up, it can tone up your style or help you achieve a balanced appearance.

A great coat will also announce itself and leave a lasting impression. Besides, as you will be wearing it a lot throughout the season, you just can’t afford to go for anything other than the best! Here’s how you can choose the perfect coat that complements your style.

Which coat must you have in your collection?

Since we all have our individual lifestyles, style personalities and comfort levels, it’s not possible to have a similar kind of essential coat. You just have to know if you want a single versatile coat or multiple coats.

Your wardrobe has to contain various kinds of coat though as it would be really hard to find a coat that would be perfect for all occasions.

Coats that must be in your wardrobe:

— For a regular or everyday coat: a mid-thigh or knee-height coat that could be made to look either casual or dressy to suit your preference is an ideal choice.

— For dressy occasions or evening outings, a super elegant coat is great.

— A shorter coat that looks casual is perfect for the weekends.

— A short pea coat or warm parka.

— A trenchcoat or raincoat.

If you want to keep your coat wardrobe simple or you have a limited budget, you could combine 1,2 and 3 or 3 and 4.

You will almost always find the trench coat on the style list of celebrities as they are an all time classic. This coat have a long life and is a great wear for in-between seasons. You could add a really current and stylish coat among your top two coats.



Try answering some of these questions before buying a coat: what’s my budget? Should I go for a trendy or timeless coat? Does investing in quality make me happy? What will I be wearing the coat to do and where will I be wearing it to? How vulnerable am I to cold? What looks would I love to achieve?

It’s better to go for a year-round coat if your budget is small. As for quality, buying the best quality is always worth it as it will last you for several years. However, you could go for a lesser quality if the coats are very fashionable. The finishing touches and linen of a coat usually tells whether it’s good quality or not.

Before buying a coat, you’ve got to know what purpose it will be serving. Your coats should be both functional and comfortable. A 3 quarter coat is best for evening outings as they easily accommodate other outfits. Go for neutral or dark colours if you want to blend in but if you don’t want to, don’t be scared to select a more unusual and colorful coat.

Finally, don’t forget to put your body type into consideration when choosing a coat. Shorter women often look dwarfed in long coats, it’s better to stick with short coats. When it comes to shape in general, look out for coats that will flatter and accentuate your body type.

With the tips provided here, it shouldn’t be hard for you to pick the perfect coat for you. Go on and have a splendid shopping.