Choosing The Perfect Handbag That’s Suitable For All Season

Choosing The Perfect Handbag That’s Suitable For All Season

What can a lady do without her handbag? The all-essential accessory that’s a fine blend of function and style: a receptacle for the belongings we hold dear and the fashion accessory we depend on to accentuate our outfits. Be it the sophisticated designer bag that we carry to work or the linen tote bag that we wear to the farmer’s market on Sunday, handbags are one of the ways in which we express our individual styles.

Before going on a handbag shopping spree, we have to first of all consider the seasons we’ll be carrying those bags as well as our peculiar lifestyles and fit that into our fashion tastes.  Since not all handbags are suitable for every season, let’s quickly check out the ones that can be carried all year round.


There’s usually at least, one year-round handbag in every woman’s collection that she can carry all through summer and winter. A stylish bag that she can always rely on come rain or shine, which has with time, become a part of her. Definitely not surprising since this bag is our faithful travel companion that keeps all our favorite possessions safe and secured.  Although we can hardly do without these season-less bags, shopping for the ideal one can be so challenging. How do we sail through the endless chore of deciding between shape, color, texture and size?

Well, fabric and size are the two most important factors to consider when it comes to picking the best year-round bag.  For luxury and durability, leather is your best bet but you can still opt for the ever-reliable canvas and suede.  It’s wise to go for medium-sized handbags when considering shape since we need enough space for electronic gadgets, wallets, keys, makeup bags and even our food. There are a lot of stylish and functional over-the-shoulder bags in this category: boxy totes, slouchy hobos and so on.


It’s no longer compulsory to stick to customary fashion rules that prescribed black accessories for cold periods.  Black never ceases to be a timeless choice but there are still many other rich colors that can be worn all year round, colors like grey, brown, metallic, green and the ultimate white. It’s a good thing that there’s a lot of room to be experimental and bolder when selecting handbags during the summer and spring months. You can complement your summer and spring outfits with colorful handbags of varying sizes and shapes, made with hand-woven fabric, ethnic prints, vibrant patterns and trimmed with tassels and pom-poms.


Clutch handbags are worn to make a statement.  These handbags are an exciting choice for season-less handbags, especially when you are traveling with only your basic items like credit card, cell phone and lipstick. As petite as they are, clutches also add a fanciful element to any attire. Clutches are the ideal attention-grabbing  accessory as they are often times embellished, embroidered, and patterned in various shapes. The bad side of this however, is that they become more prone to damage during harsher climates like winter and fall as a result of these fragile fabrications. Meaning that you should probably ditch your beaded clutch for another when attending a holiday party during winter.

Fortunately, the current trends in handbag shows that consumers are now more focused in finding handbags that provide individuality, functionality, and craftsmanship rather than designer “it bags”. Whatever your fashion taste might be, you will find a broad range of special, hand-woven handbags that you can carry with pride all year round at the NOVICA online shop.