Effortlessly Make Your Handbags Complement Your Outfit Every Single Time

Effortlessly Make Your Handbags Complement Your Outfit Every Single Time

Every time celeb fashionistas like Sofia Vergala, Angelina Jolie, Miranda Kerr and Rihanna step out in public, they always cause a buzz in the news, not just because of their cloth but also because of the handbags they have picked to go with it. It’s therefore, not surprising to see the kind of big space that style blogs and glosies dedicate to the outfit of these style divas, focusing more on how they pair them with their handbags.

Over the past couple of years though, there’s been several debates about the sense in matching bags with shoes. However, we can’t just let anything hold us back from creating that absolutely unique look that a well-paired bag and cloth gives. Regardless of what anyone may think, a quality handbag is the finishing touch that pulls our style quotient a notch higher.  For the ability to always select the perfect bag that will complement your outfit every single time, you have to consider:

  1. The Occasion

The kind of bag you carry when going for shopping should be different from that of the office. Same goes for when you’re looking for a casual or dressy appearance. It’s a no-brainer that large bags give you this relaxed aura while small bags make you look more sophisticated. That’s why it’s common to see formally dressed ladies carrying clutch bags and casuals going with larger bags. The fashion police will fine you if they catch you wearing casuals with a stiff bag or formal outfits with a casual bag. You should have some of these essential bags in your arsenal. Here are bags you can carry based on the given occasion:

With a summer outfit – Wear a sling bag over your shoulder and you’ve aced that simple look.

Shopping – Carry a very large hobo or duffel bag that goes seamlessly with t-shirts, shorts and sneakers.

With tight jeans and tunic or blazer– A hobo or tote bag will give you that elegant appearance you seek without looking too formal.

Power dressing – For that mean and sophisticated boardroom look you seek, go for top-handle tote bag or briefcase bag.  On no account at all should you carry hobos or duffels or any slouchy bags as they won’t give you that style you hope to achieve.

Office attire – Spacious tote bags go perfectly well with a bespoke trouser suit. A structured boxlike bag or satchel will also give you the same formal look. Office bags as a whole are meant to have oversized compartments for all your accessories, including your laptop or notebook. If you’re pairing high-waist skirts or trousers with cotton gauzy tops or cardigan combos, you can complement it with satchel bags.

Long gown/cocktail dress– the ideal bags for dressy and formal events are miniature and clutch bags. They can also be paired with your favorite little black dress.  For your sheath outfit, sequined envelope or metallic clutches are your best bet. However, if there are a lot of embellishments or detailing on your dress, a more excellent choice will be a plain clutch.


  1. Your Body Shape

Just like clothes, the bag you’re carrying can also make your favorite features stand out and dim those body parts you don’t really like. You just need to know how to select the shape and length of bag that suits your silhouette and clothes. For instance, if you have:

A big bust— it’s all about striking a balance. If you have a big bust, you should go for bags like saddle bags that won’t draw attention to your bosom.

A pear-shaped body – If your hips are the widest part of your body, you should avoid hip-length bag as they will give your hips a larger appearance. Go for bags that are not taller than your waist length, they will make your slimmer middle be the center of attention.

A curvy physique – the ideal bag for tall and curvaceous ladies are low-hanging ones but if you are not tall, opt for long, slim bags.

A petite figure – Steer clear of anything that has fringes or long hanging straps, satchels are a no-no.

A thin and tall silhouette – The excellent choice for you are rounded, extra-large bags. In no circumstances should you go for long, slim bags. You will look more fabulous with your sleeves rolled up or in a sleeveless top as your arms will look toned and slim in contrast with to bag.

Plus sized – Medium sized bags look great on ladies with extra pounds .


  1. Your Limit

As stated before, everything has to be well proportioned, same way you pick the window treatments suitable for your windows, same way you should choose which bag best complements your outfits. In most cases, excess matching is an eyesore. Your aim therefore, should be to complement your bag and outfit in a way that doesn’t look boring or monochrome.

As such, if you’ll be wearing a monochrome outfit, opt for a printed or textured bag. Same goes for when you wear color-blocked clothes. Patterned bags will draw more attention!

For outfits with multiple colors, single-color and neutral bags like classic black or beige are safer choices. Leather is also a great match for multi-colored clothes. You could make your style look more flirty and playful by tying a slim scarf to your bag—one that has the color of your outfit.

A monochromatic bag is the best option for printed outfits, the colors in your outfit should guide your choice. Real style divas though know how to match a printed bag with a printed dress in a stylish and flattering way.  However, if you are a newbie in the fashion world, you had better stick to a monochromatic bag as it takes a high sense of fashion to be able to perfectly match these two.

Take Note:  While trying to complement your outfit with your bag, pay attention to any metallic details or hardware in your shoes or necklace. They have to also match: shoes that have bronze or silver buckles can’t blend with a bag with copper studs or golden hardware. Same way you can’t carry a bag with silver metallic straps while wearing a rose gold or gold necklace.

  1. The look you aim to achieve

Your bag of choice has to convey the kind of style you aim to achieve. Let the bag accentuate your outfit and help send that message you want your outfit to transmit.

For example, satchels and totes are practical, leather clutches are ageless classics while hobos are playful and fun. Leather bags are so versatile that you can wear them with almost any fabrics, they go easily with winter outfits and breezy summer clothes. You should only be concerned about their structure. During summer months, soft leather bags are the ideal option while heavily structured ones are suitable for winter wears. If you want to look casual, cross body bags are your best bet but for a more glamorous look, opt for crystal-studded clutches.

Now that you are armed with these tips, go on and make that stylistic statement you desire.